Luxembourg/São Paulo, November 6th, 2014 - SES (NYSE Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) announces that ANATEL, the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency, has approved the NSS-806 satellite for use at the 48 degree West orbital position recently awarded at auction to SES. The satellite will provide capacity for Brazil and Latin America.

"The use of NSS-806 in the Brazilian and Latin American markets demonstrates SES´s commitment to the region. Although we have up to 4 years to start providing capacity from that position, we are now ready to begin supplying our customers and partners with capacity, thereby expanding opportunities in the region," said Jurandir Pitsch, director of SES DTH do Brasil.

NSS-806 provides C-band and Ku-band capacity and has 28 transponders available for use in Brazil. Together with SES-6, located at 40.5 degrees West, and SES-10, which is under construction and will in the future occupy the 67 degrees West position, NSS-806 will enable television broadcasters to launch new HD and Ultra-HD channels, for example, or allow telecom operators to improve mobile phone signals in remote areas.

"The demand for capacity in Latin America remains strong and SES is fully committed to meeting that demand. The use of NSS-806 in Brazil will allow our customers to improve their services in Brazil and the other countries covered by the satellite," said Pitsch.

To expand the reception of signals, SES has initiated an antenna program for Brazilian cable operators, providing free antennas and know-how to those who are interested.

"We believe this new orbital position will be an excellent alternative for regional video distribution and signifies added value for cable operators, since most satellites serving this market already have a very high fill rate," concluded Pitsch.

SES in Latin America

Today, SES has 11 satellites operating at 10 different orbital positions to provide service in Latin America. In addition, the company reaches 21 million homes and supports four DTH platforms in the region. In 2016, the company expects to launch the SES-10 satellite, which is being manufactured by Airbus Defence & Space and is designed for dedicated service to the region.

ANATEL Auction

In May 2014, SES won 2 Brazilian orbital positions as part of an auction by ANATEL. The company invested 33 million Brazilian Reais to operate in the FSS C, Ku and Ka-bands at the 48 degrees West position, as well as 26.8 million Brazilian Reais to operate in the BSS Ku-band at 64 degrees West. The rights granted by ANATEL are valid for 15 years, renewable thereafter for the same period.

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