One Signal That Brings the World Together

One Signal That Brings the World Together

Watching Together, Watching Apart
Video content today is consumed in many different ways—online or offline, linear or on-demand, direct-to-home (DTH) or via streaming. This is especially so with the uptake of over-the-top (OTT) subscription video services, on platforms such as Netflix, Hooq and Hulu [1].

With a plethora of options to view, stream and consume video content, SES leveraged its extensive satellite network capabilities to offer video solutions for each varied video consumption experience.

Extensive Satellite Coverage
With 99% global coverage [2], SES’s far-reaching capabilities can connect to any group of audiences. Having a ubiquitous and high-transmission satellite signal allows SES to develop video solutions such VoD Everywhere to meet Asia-Pacific’s demand for combined “set-top functionality, exclusive content and on-demand services” [1], as well as linear and live TV content.

In a household where different genres and categories of video content are consumed, VoD Everywhere offers a combination of VoD library and linear TV with offline playback and start-over functionality. With frequently-refreshed content and reduced buffering, VoD Everywhere is the advanced modern platform for consumers watching VOD, catch-up content or live event broadcasting.  

Offering a multiscreen experience of up to five devices, VoD Everywhere presents to the world an enhanced and united viewing experience of watching content together, despite watching it apart from each other.

Holistic Infrastructure for Different Needs
SES took advantage of its widespread satellite coverage to provide infrastructural solutions that can be tailored to meet different needs within Asia-Pacific. In remote parts of Asia, viewers sometimes lack the required network stability and capabilities to access high-quality video content. Through Network Offloading, SES satellites tap into its sprawling network to deliver online linear and on-demand video services. Audiences could thus, enjoy uninterrupted playout of high-quality video content, offloaded locally to internet service providers (ISPs) without an internet connection [3].  Such video distribution solutions are only made possible with video transmission infrastructure sharing an extensive satellite coverage.

One Unified Media Platform
The infrastructure to distribute video content across multiple devices in the sizeable Asia-Pacific region is already in orbit. With eight satellites of different capacities and efficiencies covering Asia-Pacific, immersive video experiences can be delivered across multiple devices to 32 million TV homes in the region.

SES has been able to manage the complexities of the video content landscape through subsidiaries like MX1. By harnessing its network of satellites and capabilities, SES offers its tailored end-to-end video solutions and media platform services to support pay-TV operators, content providers and direct-to-home (DTH) operators across the entire value chain in Asia-Pacific [4].  Leveraging on its global coverage, SES has developed an edge to design holistic media platforms through partnerships with local content providers, TV neighbourhoods and expansion into new markets.

One Company, Tailored Suite of Video Solutions
The rise of new formats, new ways of consumption and evolving expectations of content management and distribution remain challenges for content providers. However, the power of SES’s universal signal, together with its suite of satellite innovations, enables content businesses in Asia-Pacific to find a video solution that can reach any target audience anywhere. Through its developed infrastructure and advanced technological innovations, SES’s extensive and established satellite coverage is converging the world, bringing you one signal that unites the globe’s TV viewing experience.

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