Enhancing TV Experiences over 19.2 degrees East

Enhancing TV Experiences over 19.2 degrees East

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History of 19.2 East

19.2 degrees East is SES’s prime orbital slot and TV neighbourhood, outpacing its peers to deliver content to 44% of all classic TV homes in Europe via cable, satellite or IPTV.


With a mission to augment and strengthen SES’s pan-European coverage at 19.2 degrees East, SES and Thales Alenia Space are currently building two new satellites – ASTRA 1P & ASTRA 1Q.

By 2028, the satellites will seamlessly replace the current 19.2 degrees East fleet, continuing the delivery of premium content to 119 million TV households across Europe.



The most powerful wide-beam satellite to ever orbit at 19.2 degrees East, ASTRA 1P, will ensure superior reliability while delivering unparalleled image quality for broadcasters and content owners across some of SES’s largest TV markets in Germany, Spain, and France.

ASTRA 1Q - Artist rendering


Equipped with next-generation capabilities, ASTRA 1Q is a high-throughput satellite that will enable new use case opportunities through its increased flexibility and software-defined adaptability for video and data customers.

Key Markets

Satellites at 19.2 degrees East serve public and private broadcasters, delivering over 850 channels across DTH pay TV and FTA platforms in Europe.


With an unparalleled 96% penetration in the DACH region, SES delivers content to 42 million TV households via satellite, cable, and IPTV. SES serves a mix of public and private broadcasters, including Sky Deutschland, ORF, ZDF, ProSiebenSat.1, HIGH VIEW, and QVC Germany, ensuring seamless delivery of their content to audiences across the region.


Serving 17.5 million homes via its 19.2 degrees East orbital position, SES reaches 63% of all satellite, cable, and IPTV households in the country. Over 5 million homes are equipped with dishes aimed at 19.2 degrees East, constituting 89% of all DTH households. SES facilitates the transmission of major TV packages in France, including pay TV from CANAL+ Group and Orange.


As a leading provider of satellite TV services in Spain, SES partners with Telefonica to deliver its pay TV platform Movistar+ over 19.2 degrees East. SES also carries a significant number of free-to-air (FTA) international TV channels. Moreover, Telefonica Audiovisual Services relies on SES for satellite broadcasting, offering individual TV channels from around the world the opportunity to leverage the 7.5 million TV household reach in Spain through the 19.2 degrees East.

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