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Growing your business takes more than just reliable connectivity. Your customers want access to the latest technologies, and new broadband services that are more data intensive – creating new revenue streams. Whether they’re listening to their favourite music service or connecting their business to customers in other regions, your customers don’t want any lag. Low latency data is essential – including for those far beyond the reaches of terrestrial infrastructure.

Ultra-low latency

SES Networks’ Connect Services achieve latency rates as low as those achieved via fibre. Our multi-orbit fleet combines GEO satellites with the O3b-powered fleet of MEO satellites to enable high-performance 3G and 4G/LTE mobile backhaul, trunking, low-latency internet, cloud computing, private data network connectivity and advanced communications services. Now telecoms, internet and cable service providers, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), and businesses have the connectivity they need to grow their business – no matter how remote their location.

Trust our next-generation network comprised of GEO and MEO satellite fleets, extensive terrestrial fibre, gateways, teleports, established agreements for peering and interconnection, mobility assets, and our unmatched expertise in global data networking. Our partnership approach enables us to build tailored solutions with minimal up-front investment, a pay-as-you-go model, and customer-specified service level agreements of 99.5-99.9%, so you can deliver new data, voice and video services that limit your risk and generate new revenue streams. Ask SES Networks how Virtual Network Operator (VNO) services, multi-tier terminals, and colocation solutions can address specific customer needs.

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