MX1: One Platform, Multiple Capabilities to Enhance Viewer Experience

MX1: One Platform, Multiple Capabilities to Enhance Viewer Experience

Researchers are projecting there will be 163 zettabytes of data in the world by 2025 [1]. That’s 163 trillion gigabytes, being created at a rate of 16.3ZB annually. We are fast approaching an era where proper data management becomes essential in daily life.

Complex Media Landscape
Too much data is overwhelming, the same goes for content. Careful content management is crucial for media businesses. Sound strategies must be developed to keep up with the explosion of choices available, while avoiding the pitfalls of overloading viewers.

Content Aggregation
Content management begins with content aggregation. Valuable content can come from multiple sources, sometimes simultaneously. Take a news broadcaster for instance, how would they cope if two or more live stories were happening at the same time in different parts of the world? Traditional content aggregation processes may suffer from a bottleneck, but a cloud-based platform can efficiently aggregate and acquire live content from different sources and formats via satellite, fibre and internet protocol (P). The newscaster with the freshest stories will most certainly edge ahead of the competition.

Content Localisation
Processing content is the next step. Content localisation is an effective way to address the different needs of different markets. There are 2,300 languages spoken in Asia, compared to Europe’s 288 [2]. Popular TV content from other parts of the world might not necessarily draw Asian audiences, due to vast cultural and linguistic differences. In order to successfully engage Asian audiences in a local context, the organisation, processing, translation, curation and development of content makes all the difference.

Enter the Multi-Screen Era
Distribution is another key consideration, as linear TV is only part of the viewer experience. A cross-device approach is particularly relevant for Asia, where viewers are constantly switching between devices. Today’s consumers are looking to complement and enhance the experience of watching TV content on the TV screen at home. They expect the flexibility to watch content on demand, wherever and whenever across on multiple devices. Hybrid video solutions are necessary to keep up with these rapidly changing viewing habits.

Viewer Engagement
Engaged viewers are loyal viewers. Various tools are available to promote your content and engage your viewing community on social media networks. Platform data is collected, managed and processed to determine audience reach and better understand viewer preferences. Cross-platform data aggregation can be challenging, but tools are available to gather data across broadcast TV, over-the-top (OTT) or video-on-demand (VOD), online and mobile platforms. This helps optimise your content to increase conversions, engage users and boost loyalty.

MX1 360 Unified Media Platform
MX1 360 Unified Media Platform is a centralised cloud-based platform that simplifies and optimises content management by integrating multiple tools and services within a single user interface. With the ability to monitor media assets for different media environments around the clock, media businesses can have full transparency and control over the entire value chain.

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