Meeting Evolving Consumer Expectations with Unmatched Video Experiences

Meeting Evolving Consumer Expectations with Unmatched Video Experiences

Evolving Content Consumption Trend
Around the world, viewing habits and how people consume digital content are evolving. Consumers are increasingly showing a preference for their online content consumption as they try to fit leisure with their hectic schedules. Asia-Pacific is leading the way with 32% from the region saying in a Nielsen study [1] that they pay for online content, a figure significantly higher than the global average of 26%.

Part of this could be attributed to the selection and convenience of content that can be consumed at any time of the day. Overall, subscription for video-on-demand (VOD) revenue in the Asia-Pacific region is projected to hit USD13 billion by 2021 [2], up from just USD 4 billion in 2016.

This sharp increase underscores the desire for engaging video content across the Asia region. With diverse rural areas spread over thousands of islands and with numerous poorly-served regions compared to the cities, Asia-Pacific offers potentially huge returns for those keen to seize it.

Differentiated Capabilities for Profitable Growth
While this changing content consumption trend could potentially increase the pressure on traditional linear content such as those offered by satellite-backed providers and direct-to-home (DTH) operators, it is also a golden opportunity for them to differentiate their offerings—and tap into a growing audience willing to pay for fresh video content.

Existing pay-TV operators can deliver a superior experience [3] with a library of desired content, paired with more flexibility and the ability to view content whenever and wherever they choose, across multiple devices. An optimised selection cuts down on decision fatigue and can be proactively updated with the latest selections on a local or regional level for an unmatched experience.

Aside from giving pay-TV operators the ability to offer a more diverse range of options to complement existing linear viewing, on-demand video content also gives internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile operators the means to deliver a differentiated experience. This enhances customer satisfaction and increases customer “stickiness”.

The Infrastructure to Reach Everywhere
SES has invested in developing the technology, VoD Everywhere, to offer an unparalleled video experience on top of existing content or service offerings, retaining existing infrastructure investments. Time-honed channels can be offered alongside a content library that can be tailored for key demographics or regions, with video content pushed to every corner of Asia through a robust network of satellites.

With video content transmitted through SES satellites, this also serves to ease the pressure on “under-served” internet protocol (IP) networks. As the rich video content is delivered without the need for an internet connection, ISPs and mobile operators can leverage freed-up network capacity to roll out new paid services or to support faster data transmission for new standards such as the imminent arrival of 5G cellular mobile communications.

Stand ready at the convergence of the inexorable on-demand trend and Asia’s rising demand for video content.

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