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An Ever-Growing Partnership: SES and A.C.e.R

An Ever-Growing Partnership: SES and A.C.e.R

A.C.e.R. is a professional association that aims to represent, promote and defend the common professional interests of its members in relation to state institutions, organizations and associations or by commercial companies, they aim to represent the common interests of the association besides international bodies and organizations and represent the common interests of the association to the public and to third parties.

The ever-growing partnership between SES and A.C.e.R started when a cooperation protocol was signed in 2015. The protocol between SES and A.C.e.R provides support for the association’s members who wish to become customers of the satellite communications services offered by SES. They are offered assistance in obtaining licenses and permits by A.C.e.R, as well as consultancy in representation at CNA (Romanian audio-visual market watchdog) and they support in growing the distribution of the channels among cable operators. SES on the other hand has offered some advantages to A.C.e.R members who sign a capacity agreement, i.e. professional marketing support that helps the customer better promote its services, a Qvidium solution for signal transport free of charge for a limited time and free of charge EPG insertion.

Gabriela Stoian, VP Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at A.C.e.R. & TVSat Media Group comments on the partnership with SES: “A.C.e.R has over 65 members and the partnership with SES provides us the opportunity to give them special conditions when becoming SES’s customers. Yet the collaboration between SES Romania and A.C.e.R goes far beyond this protocol. Over the years, SES has been a constant supporter of A.C.e.R’s industry events, while we offered SES the opportunity to get its messages across to wider audiences. This cooperation has been a success so far, thus we expect more positive outcomes in the future.”