Video in Europe

The European market is mature, yet it still presents many opportunities. Satellite remains the leading mode of TV delivery in Europe, and while digital migration on the terrestrial side is largely complete, there is still a big digitisation potential for cable homes. HDTV has become a mass-market commodity, with all major TV channels broadcasting in HD, and Europeans are perfectly positioned as early adopters for Ultra HD, with a forecast 111 million Ultra HD TV homes by 2025. As the trend to larger screens continues and the pay-TV market further develops, leading broadcasters trust us to bring their content to the European market and beyond.

We have a satellite presence over Europe with 20 satellites located at 13 orbital positions , including the premium positions of 5°E, 19.2°E, 28.2°E and 31.5°E. We lead the market, reaching 156 million TV households in Europe, including 71% of satellite TV homes, 94% of cable TV homes, and 91% of IPTV homes. We deliver content to 78% of HD TV homes. Our five prime video neighbourhoods are home to more than 30 direct-to-home platforms including Canal, Sky, Movistar+ and ViaSat. Our European satellites deliver a total of 2,556 channels, with 717 in HD, and the world’s first Ultra HD channels. And because we believe in the power of the multipliers approach, we have developed a network of more than 28,000 installers, dealers and retailers across Europe.


Our acquisition of RR Media has led to the establishment of a new company, MX1. Offering a full suite of innovative digital video and end-to-end media solutions, we work with leading media businesses to provide video expertise and capabilities, including highly optimized content management and distribution services to transform content into the ultimate viewer experience.

You will benefit from:

  • A partner with offices in 12 European capitals, and local teams who understand the needs of each market
  • Experience with the world’s number one DTH platform provider
  • More reach than any other satellite provider
  • Flexible solutions tailored to your individual needs