Entering the broadcast market? Here’s why you should partner with SES Africa

Entering the broadcast market? Here’s why you should partner with SES Africa

The difficult global economic climate has meant that organisations of all sizes across industry sectors are looking for new opportunities to maximise revenue and increase customer reach. In this context, and with video content growing in importance, broadcast has become a viable – indeed a crucial – solution.

But entering the broadcast market is not without its challenges. Regulatory compliance can be stringent and infrastructural requirements complex. In Africa in particular, it is not economically feasible for terrestrial infrastructure to provide coverage to the many millions of people located in rural and remote communities. To reach a broader customer base, and to provide these customers with the means of empowering themselves in a digital world, satellite broadcasting is essential.

Why SES Africa?

As the world’s leading satellite operator, SES Africa has been involved in developing and enhancing broadcasting in Africa for almost two decades. Our satellite technology is some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced, covering the widest broadcast areas possible, and we have been instrumental in transforming the way content is packaged and distributed across the continent. SES’ unique value-add includes turnkey platform solutions, the integration of satellite broadcast with Wi-Fi distribution to support multi-device viewing and new innovative solutions to address video-on-demand.

With offices in Accra, Lagos, Addis Ababa and Johannesburg, and teleports in Accra, Lagos and Djibouti, we understand the unique requirements of Africa’s many different markets and work closely with our partners on the ground. Our expertise and firm network of relationships enable us to facilitate meetings with government (from a regulatory perspective), installers (with regards to hardware implementation), marketing (developing business and corporate social investment plans), and strategists (bringing understanding of the global industry and local markets). Our services are comprehensive and constantly evolve to keep up with emerging trends.

Whether you’re a large corporate, a production company or an entrepreneur looking to enter the broadcast world, we’re here to serve as your trusted partner. To find out how we can help you, please fill in your contact details  and one of our representatives will be in touch with you soon.