SATMED - e-Health Platform

SATMED - e-Health Platform

Simplyfiying and improving access to e-Health

Combining several e-health applications into one easy-to-use platform, SATMED brings together medical care, education, and health management in one unique platform that can be accessed from anywhere—including the world’s most remote regions.


Luxembourg + worldwide deployments

Importance and potential of e-health solutions

Remote and under-served communities often suffer from a chronic lack of quality healthcare services, caused by limited access to trained healthcare professionals, inadequate transportation infrastructure, and poor health literacy. Nearly half of the world’s population still does not have sufficient access to even basic health services (ref. UN/AfricaRenewal, December 2016). Improvements in internet connectivity capabilities and expansion of communication networks into remote locations bring along as well the potential to expand access to e-health and m-health applications and rapidly improve the quality of healthcare.

Barriers of e-health adoption

There are several barriers that currently exist when using health IT and e/m-health applications: the cost of purchasing and maintaining software applications and providing secure data management; inadequate user friendliness of the applications; poor interoperability between different IT solutions; and driven by still present digital divide, limited availability in remote locations.

SATMED e-Health platform

SATMED aims to help healthcare providers make better use of information technology and mobile health solutions in remote and underdeveloped areas, particularly to support regional development programs and humanitarian operations. SATMED overcomes the barriers of e-health adoption by integrating within a single platform a wide range of capabilities, including access and storage of patient e-records, medical imaging, virtual consultation, e-learning, remote monitoring and e-health management. Furthermore, all tools can be accessed via a unique portal with a single user log-in and are available as web applications that can be readily used on desktop and handheld devices, without the need for a sophisticated local IT infrastructure. SATMED also provides services for data storage/back-up and supported by SES, satellite-enhanced internet connectivity for remote or under-served areas that lack a reliable terrestrial internet connection.

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By facilitating easy and reliable access to a complete healthcare solution, SATMED ensures healthcare providers and their partners are able to work together to build more powerful networks, and meet the unique needs of the populations they serve.

“Having the SATMED platform helps our hospital better serve our patients and their families. It allows the CURE hospital and staff to provide life-changing surgical care to children with disabilities in one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world.”
Joshua Korn, Grants Manager, Cure International