Orange TV

Orange TV

Bringing Triple-Play Services to all of France

In some parts of France, ADSL speeds are limited, or there may be no ADSL connectivity at all. Orange TV wanted to offer television services to all of its internet subscribers in France, even when they are in slow or no-ADSL areas.

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Orange TV is a broadcaster offering triple-play services to the French market. When a customer subscribes to telephony and ADSL from Orange, they also receive a free package of TV channels. Orange also offers satellite-based subscriptions, enabling customers to receive telephony, ADSL, free TV channels, Canal+ and CanalSat, as well as gaining exclusive access to Orange’s own pay-TV offerings. Since Orange TV wanted to offer television to all of its internet subscribers, regardless of their location in France, the company required a satellite delivery partner that could provide 100% coverage of the French territory.

Since the overwhelming majority of French satellite TV homes have their dishes aimed at SES satellites, we were uniquely positioned to help. Our partnership has enabled Orange TV subscribers to receive TV channels via satellite at no additional charge, regardless of their location in France.

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