Beyond no compromise

Together with OmniAccess, we provide high-speed connectivity to the world’s most elite super-yachts.



For the world’s most elite individuals, being constantly connected is crucial to being successful in business – wherever they are. And while they’re out at sea with their guests, connectivity means more than just business and entertainment. It’s essential infrastructure for the operation of yachts of this size, for engine monitoring, weather, navigation, security, travel arrangements, and ordering parts and supplies. Downtime is simply not an option.

OmniAccess leads the market in specialised maritime connectivity services for super-yachts, mega-yachts and luxury cruise ships. The company focuses on approximately 250 vessels, including many of the world’s most impressive. Through our partnership, OmniAccess operates 22 networks from five teleports, delivering VSAT solutions for ultra-high speed internet connectivity at sea, integrated maritime IT networks, and streaming IPTV solutions to yacht owners wherever they sail.


Super-yachts have requirements that run from the simple to the complicated – from connectivity not far off the Mediterranean shore to ongoing connectivity while sailing toward the poles. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of technology – bringing unprecedented connectivity to the farthest corners of the world’s oceans. This has positioned OmniAccess as the VSAT provider most trusted by shipbuilders, brokers, owners and crew alike.

When a client announced they wanted to sail around the Seychelles with a dedicated 10 megabit connection and only three weeks’ lead time, we re-directed a beam on a satellite visible from OmniAcess’s Palma teleport to provide the requested connectivity. Another client uses our connectivity to send a live video feed to YouTube from a submarine mapping the ocean floor. This request required an innovative approach, to transmit content created in the middle of the ocean, and share it with the wider world.


“Our relationship with SES is an absolutely vital element to our delivery on our promises. Things like worldwide connectivity, unpredictable itineraries, the need for massive amounts of bandwidth at virtually no notice. These are very concrete areas where working together with SES has enabled us to meet every challenge. It’s critical for us.”
Bertrand Hartman, CEO at OmniAccess