Beyond Essential

Together with OFIS, we’re providing high-quality connections between Congo and the West Africa Cable System.



In Sub-Saharan Africa, many countries are land locked, or nearly land locked, with very difficult terrain, including vast savannahs and dense rainforests. This makes it extremely difficult to connect these regions via terrestrial networks. 

OFIS is a Congolese company specialising in information and communications technology. The company strives to deliver the best expertise for the implementation of complete ICT tools for its customers, including voice and data technologies, satellite, terrestrial transmission, copper wiring, and fibre optics. It relies on the latest technologies to ensure its solutions are based on proven technical standards that are scalable and internationally recognizes. The company bases its development around strong partnerships with leading manufacturers, including Microsoft, HP, IBM, Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, Alcatel, Nexans, Motorola, and Siemens.

Our partnership has enabled OFIS to create an alternative route to the West Africa Cable System, without compromising on quality and latency. Our O3b-powered constellation of MEO satellites delivers consistent, reliable service with a unique, low-latency back-up in Congo.

“SES networks delivers a more consistent service offer with a unique and exclusive low-latency back-up route in the Congo,” says Julien Heuzé, Director at OFIS.