Delivering the world’s most popular TV channels to ISP subscribers across Brazil

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Bringing a high-quality and cost-effective video package to MultTV’s customers across Brazil

Television became a mass medium in Brazil earlier than in most developing countries, however, a relatively low number of households have access to cable TV. In recent years, the growing demand for premium entertainment channels opened new opportunities for other distribution methods.

In 2017, the Brazilian communications company MultTV, representing a consortium of 13 Internet Service Providers (ISPs), looked for ways to offer pay-TV services based on a shared and self-sustainable infrastructure. MultTV turned to SES, with its state-of-the-art teleport and expertise in content management and distribution, to deliver TV content to their Internet subscribers via IP, with combined data and video service packages.

The multi-year agreement with SES enables MultTV to use C-band capacity on SES-6 to transmit a mix of approximately 60 SD and HD channels to its ISP customers, who in turn distribute the content to their subscribers. As a “headend in the sky”, all TV signals are received, processed and transmitted via a single compressed IP stream from MultTV’s teleport to all its ISP customers through the SES-6, simplifying and substantially reducing the infrastructure costs at the end point.

MultTV works alongside NeoTV, a Brazilian association which brings together small and medium size pay-TV operators to provide the best content to its customers, supporting its associates by negotiating access to TV content for them.

Combining SES and MultTV’s infrastructure with the ISPs’ subscriber base and fibre experience has been a winning formula. The partnership allows the ISPs to enhance the offer to their subscribers by simply adding TV content to their broadband services. The content package negotiated by NeoTV covers 60 pay-TV channels, including the world’s most popular brands, such as Discovery, ESPN, Disney and Fox.

Supported by SES, MultTV also provides education and training support, with events, channel promotions, celebrity endorsements and other marketing services to help increase operators’ sales and reduce customer churn.

Today MultTV’s customer base covers 20 ISPs, from the north to the south of the country, including in remote areas. MultTV provides a broader service to its customers by offering enhanced entertainment and connectivity packages while the operators benefit from increased monetisation opportunities and important tax benefits.

“With their robust satellite infrastructure and technical expertise, SES enables us to deliver the highest quality TV services to our ISP customers. In close collaboration, we help the ISPs build the most successful pay-TV business models around popular television channels and content, benefiting from the packages provided by NeoTV.”
Osmir Henrique Petrini, MultTV