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Mórbido TV partners with SES to deliver its unique content across Latin America

The demand for high-quality niche content is creating new business opportunities for content owners worldwide. This applies to regional players, as well as global brands, creating and promoting original and unique channels to attract new viewers.

Founded in Mexico, Mórbido TV caters to a niche and growing audience for horror content. The regional channel owned by IB Broadcasting, is 100% focused on broadcasting horror films and series, 24 hours a day, across Latin America. The channel was originally focused on delivering its content via IP to cable companies in Mexican cities.

As the channel grew in popularity, the company saw an opportunity to promote its content around Mexico and extend its reach to other countries in Latin America. However, latency and Internet connectivity were issues in some cities, with some areas not having the required bandwidth for the HD content.

Mórbido TV started looking at satellite due to its high reliability and point-to-multipoint capabilities. At the beginning of 2020, the channel signed a partnership with SES to deliver its unique content across Latin America. Key factors were SES’s satellite quality, cost benefits and the penetration of the headends.

The channel is being distributed via the SES-6 satellite, reaching hundreds of cable headends and millions of houses. SES-6 at 40.5° West provides dedicated secure delivery to every pay-TV headend across Latin America, making it ideal for content owners, such as Mórbido TV, to distribute their content.

Mórbido TV’s partnership with SES has enabled a massive regional expansion for the channel with hundreds of thousands of new subscribers. With a strong presence in Argentina, Mexico and Bolivia, the channel has started operations in Chile and Ecuador, and, as the COVID-19 crisis subsides, will look to reach other Central and South American countries, enabled by SES-6. The pay-TV channel is also expanding its base by acquiring new and diverse content to attract new viewers.

“We’re extremely excited about the new markets opening up for our channel thanks to SES. By distributing Mórbido TV via SES-6, our content library will now reach audiences that were unable to find this content anywhere else.”
Eduardo Caso, General Manager, IB Broadcasting Company, an AG Studios company