Axesat Hayduk

Connectivity at Sea

Together with Axesat, we're delivering a fully managed broadband connectivity solution at sea.

Commercial maritime

Latin America

For thousands of Peruvian families, commercial fishing holds the key to stable incomes and more promising futures. Yet the fishing industry has traditionally been dangerous and unreliable. Powered by our global satellite capabilities, our maritime solutions are connecting fishing fleets, businesses and people, while helping fisheries improve operational efficiencies and generate new growth opportunities.

Identifying Hayduk’s challenges 
With six production facilities strategically located along the Peruvian coast and a fleet of 25 vessels, Hayduk is one of the largest fishing companies in Peru. The company’s reliance on traditional communication services—including basic regulatory radio and geolocation services—has left it with sub-standard connections back to shore. This has prevented the management team at headquarters from accessing real-time data from its fleet, and from using advanced digital tools and applications that would overwhelm narrowband connectivity. Additionally, the cost and complexity of maritime VSAT solutions were beyond the reach of the company’s small- to mid-sized vessels. The company’s limited communications at sea have also impacted crew safety and welfare, since fleet personnel are unable to stay in touch with onshore resources, and friends and family back home.

A signature maritime solution
Optimised for the needs of maritime vessels, our Maritime Solution is offered as a fully managed service via our partner Axesat. The solution enables the delivery of cloud- and edge-based voice, data, and video applications to the ship, with application-specific quality of service. Powered by our high-throughput satellites and the Skala Global Platform, our end-to-end managed maritime solution includes advanced features, including flexible bandwidth grouping, automatic beam switching, and a sophisticated network management system. Our guaranteed service level agreements ensure Hayduk’s offshore fleet of ships is constantly connected to headquarters and processing facilities via always-on broadband service.

Connected crew member

Improving operations and welfare
Providing the digital capabilities maritime customers need to transform their operations, and improve crew safety and welfare.

Our Maritime Solution eliminates distance barriers between Hayduk’s fleet, and its plants and administrative offices. This enables better communication, and access to real-time data and advanced technological tools for better decision-making, efficient operations, and improved overall productivity:

  • Real-time digital catch monitoring for continuous awareness of the contents of the fishing nets
  • Smart weighing for accurate landing forecasts to the production facilities
  • Marine telematics for remote monitoring, diagnostics, and conditions-based management to ensure efficient use of assets
  • Route optimisation for the most efficient use of fuel based on factors including weather conditions, fuel consumption, and environmental regulations
  • Electronic monitoring to streamline operations and reduce the need for human observers

For crew, connectivity at sea has become essential to crew welfare, safety and retention. Our solution enables real-time communications to shore, keeping crew connected with friends and family while at sea. It provides a high quality of experience each and every time they talk, text or connect to their favourite productivity applications and social media platforms via:

  • Reliable broadband for consistent, robust connections to the internet while sailing far off the Peruvian coast
  • Onboard Wi-Fi to connect multiple smart devices to social media and communications applications for seamless chat, texting and videoconferencing, whether they’re on their smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Problem/crisis resolution for real-time remote diagnostics via live photo/video transmissions
“We have been very satisfied with this project. Not only have we been able to achieve our goal of improving our management model, but we have also greatly improved working conditions for our crews. This technology has become a key differentiating factor for us, making us much more competitive.”
Jose Arriola, General Manager, Hayduk