Beyond Delivery

Together with INSIGHT TV, we’re bringing new and dynamic Ultra HD television formats to audiences around the globe.


Europe, North America, Asia

Launching one of the world’s first 24/7 Ultra HD channels was an exciting idea that posed a number of new issues. Many broadcast components that we take for granted as standard elements – such as ad insertion and subtitling – had never before been tackled in Ultra HD. Add to that, the need to coordinate playout across continents, and ensure audiences could watch content anytime and anywhere, and you have a recipe for one of our greatest and most successful challenges to date.

INSIGHT TV is leading the Ultra HD revolution. Owned by Netherlands-based TV Entertainment Reality Network (TERN), it broadcasts to Europe, the US and Asia. The channel carries a variety of content from vivid cinematography to high-speed action, including extreme sports, science and technology documentaries and reality shows. It will be one of the first channels in the world to offer a High Dynamic Range broadcast via satellite.

End to end solution provided to INSIGHT TV
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INSIGHT TV initially approached us for satellite capacity over Europe. Once we took the time to understand their goals and objectives, we realised we could offer a complete end-to-end solution.

Our partnership with INSIGHT TV is successful because, we are one of the only providers that can offer complete playout, while our global network ensures we can get the content to where and when it’s needed. INSIGHT TV believes that the future will bring a merging of the online and traditional broadcast environments, and that together with SES, they will be able to grow into a major global brand.

"SES is the most cooperative partner I've ever met. Since the beginning, they've been willing to think together to solve every challenge that arises. They are innovative, and were an obvious choice for us, as they are one of the few providers that could handle a complete live playout for us."
Nathalie Boot, Digital Director at INSIGHT TV