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Delivering 4G/LTE Services

Together with Latin American service provider Axesat, SES Networks is delivering an enhanced satellite-based mobile backhaul solution to rural areas of Peru.



Identifying ENTEL’s challenges
ENTEL is a leading telecommunications company providing both broadband and mobile telephony services in Chile and Peru. Service areas include many hard-to-reach communities, such as the remote city of Iquitos, Peru’s sixth largest city, which borders the Peruvian Amazon, and is only accessible by air or water. As a gateway to the Amazon rainforest, the city of close to 500,000  residents is a major centre for finance, sales, transportation, and tourism, with a growing market in timber, petroleum, and oil and gas production. 

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Prior to adopting a connectivity solution from SES Networks and Axesat, ENTEL was only able to provide its customers in Iquitos with a very basic 3G solution, deployed via a low capacity terrestrial microwave link. This limited service fulfilled a regulatory commitment with the state, but failed to provide the people and businesses in Iquitos with reliable mobile coverage or a robust connection to the internet, inhibiting economic growth and development in the area. While there was a clear need and demand for enhanced connectivity in Iquitos, the business case for investing in fibre in such a remote location was not feasible, with builds too costly, complex, and time consuming.

SES Networks Signature Mobile Backhaul Solution
The SES Networks Mobile Backhaul Solution provides Axesat with network services, robust service level agreements, and mobile network infrastructure optimised to help ENTEL expand its reach to Iquitos—efficiently and profitably. Tailored to meet ENTEL’s specific business requirements, this cost-effective solution is backed by a comprehensive service level agreement (SLA), covering committed information rate (CIR), packet loss, latency, jitter, availability, and mean time to repair (MTTR). 

Our MEO satellite constellation uses spot beam technology to deliver 4G/LTE services with low-latency, high-throughput satellite (HTS) data rates up to 1Gbps to a single site.

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Key Outcomes

  • One year after launching the SES Networks Signature Mobile Backhaul Solution, ENTEL is offering unlimited 4G data plans throughout the city of Iquitos
  • ENTEL’s subscriber base in Iquitos has doubled, and the use of data has grown five-fold since introducing 4G service enabled by SES Networks
  • Customer satisfaction has grown substantially, and 80% of users report being satisfied with their experience
  • The residents and businesses of Iquitos now have the same connectivity as those in Lima, with access to social media and other life-enriching applications via a low-latency service
“Today, in Iquitos, customers can experience the same data download speeds of 10Mbps as those achieved in Lima. In 12 months, we have seen the number of customers double, with an increase in the speed and quality our customers experience.”
Gonzalo Veas, Vice President of Networks, ENTEL Peru

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