Broadcasting in Africa: if satellite is the way to go, how do you calculate your ROI?

Broadcasting in Africa: if satellite is the way to go, how do you calculate your ROI?

Across the world, video has gained momentum as one of the most important ways of communicating, educating and entertaining – and Africa has not been immune to this trend. Customers are eager to access video on a range of devices in every location and broadcasters are responding to this demand. Those who are succeeding in this growing market are doing so through satellite. 

Unlike land and cellular transmission, satellite provides access to every home in Africa. While fibre rollouts are taking place throughout the continent, their reach remains limited and is still largely confined to high-density areas. Satellite, on the other hand, seamlessly bridges the divide between urban hubs and more remote communities.

As an organisation that has been investing in the continent for almost two decades, SES Africa is deeply familiar with the benefits of satellite in this environment. We’ve learnt how to overcome not only some of Africa’s infrastructural challenges, but also the changing regulatory environments that broadcasters have to comply with. What’s more, we’ve developed a means of answering the most important question broadcasters ask: is my satellite operator giving me the best return on my investment?

Our freely available and unbiased online solution enables existing broadcasters to self-check their current satellite solutions and whether they are getting the best possible return on their investment. Simply make use of our online survey to assess the coverage, commercial performance, support, operational performance and customer centricity that your satellite operator provides you.

To find out how we can help you develop a comprehensive broadcast solution using our satellite technology, please visit our contact us page and fill in your details. After that, one of our representatives will soon be in touch with you.