Trio of Ultra HD channels join SES's fast-growing line-up

Trio of Ultra HD channels join SES's fast-growing line-up

As TV enthusiasts across the globe are buying Ultra HD TV sets at an unprecedented pace, they are now eager to see a full line-up of Ultra HD programming on their screens as soon as possible. As the leader in global video distribution, SES has always been driving this new TV technology forward, and has been playing a key role in helping the video industry to meet the consumers’ expectations.

In less than a month, SES has added three Ultra HD channels to our line-up. C4K360, INsight TV, and Nature Relaxation have now joined our 4K Ultra HD distribution neighborhood hosted on three satellites (SES-1, SES-3 and AMC-18) at the centre of the orbital arc over North America.

Tailored to young audiences, C4K360 offers Ultra HD content featuring high-end entertainment programmes including e-sports; lifestyle magazines and interviews; gaming and gameplay; extreme sports; all this together with live DJ sets, mega concerts and festivals. The new UHD channel, licensed across North America by Vivicast Media, fully embraces the second screen concept with 360° Virtual Reality premium content in addition to ultra-high resolution production values, increasingly important to millennial viewers.

C4K360 Beyond TV

INsight TV features more than 200 hours of original fresh content across a unique lineup, a global factual entertainment channel with a passion for creating content that takes the viewer on an adventurous journey to explore and interact with stories. The range of programming will demonstrate the best of Ultra HD: from beautiful, vivid cinematography to high-speed action. This includes new original programme titles like Dracula: Escape The CastlePower & …Extraordinary Humans, Living Stone and many more to come.

Car race INsight TV Ultra HD

Nature Relaxation Ultra HD TV offers more than 800 hours of beautiful, calming nature scenes,perfectly matched with soothing music designed to help viewers de-stress, relax, study or sleep. The new UHD channel captures everything from majestic mountain ranges and waterfalls to incredible canyons, enchanted forests, brewing storms, wonderful wildlife and mesmerizing sunsets around the world in stunning, high picture quality 4K.  

Relaxation Ultra HD channel