Transforming the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Mining Sector with Kamoa Copper

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Transforming the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Mining Sector with Kamoa Copper
Caroline Kamaitha, VP Sales Africa

It’s been more than five years since we first began working with Kamoa Copper in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where mining remains one of the country’s key economic drivers.

There is a critical need for connectivity in the region as the mining sector drives forward a digitalisation revolution that is helping to increase profitability whilst simultaneously improving worker safety and accountability.

Kamoa-Kakula continues to be a key player in the DRC’s mining industry, and connectivity in the region has never been so important. However, finding a solution to this can be complicated, due to the remote location of the Kamoa-Kakula Copper Complex.

The Kamoa-Kakula Copper Complex is expected to become one of the largest copper complexes globally, so we’re proud to continue to play such a key role in powering connectivity for this project.

Operational safety is crucial, as is being able to effectively plan and carry out the extraction of metals and minerals, and determine the best possible extraction site. The sector’s ongoing use of digital twin models, continuous performance monitoring and the need to conform to mining codes and safety regulation all rely heavily on connectivity.

All these factors are driving the requirement for reliable carrier-grade connectivity that can be easily delivered by SES’s satellites. Regardless of the location, satellite connectivity can help power video conferencing with headquarters, enable cloud-based applications to access and upload critical data, and improve overall productivity, visibility and safety.

Which is why it is music to my ears to hear Head of Technology at Kamoa Copper, Anil Udayabhanu, tell us that our long-standing partnership has helped Kamoa Copper to improve the profitability of its extraction and has supported its goal of improving the safety and welfare of all our staff.

Given the complex and nuanced needs of this sector, Kamoa Copper is one of several operators choosing SES’s O3b high-throughput, low-latency satellite system to support its industry-leading operational technologies and safeguard staff welfare. To date, SES’s O3b satellites operating in medium earth orbit (MEO) has powered the entire journey of Kamoa-Kakula, from exploration to production. The lower latency connectivity services has enabled Kamoa Copper to leverage the latest applications, communicate in real time and maximise its productivity.