SATMED - Access to Better Healthcare

SATMED - Access to Better Healthcare

Easy, efficient and affordable e-health through SATMED, a satellite based communications platform.

E-Health is known to improve medical quality and facilitates the access to care and education. With state-of-the-art satellite connectivity and cloud computing it is possible to dramatically improve health care and reduce economic barriers. Patients can be remotely diagnosed by experts thousands of miles away, doctors and nurses can improve their knowledge through online courses or life sessions, and lives can be saved through easy access to necessary information available anywhere via the internet. Satellite technology can provide this internet connectivity to underdeveloped and not-connected areas.

SATMED - access to better healthcare


All of the above will be made possible with the new innovative global e-health platform, SATMED

SATMED, an e-health platform conceived by SES and supported by the Luxembourg Government is a satellite based communication solution aimed to improve public health in emerging and developing countries. The initial roll out of this platform in Africa took place in Sierra Leone in support of the fight against Ebola. 

The next roll-out is being planned in Bangladesh to support Friendship Bangladesh, a non-governmental organisation working towards improving health and education and promoting better livelihood in remote locations of the country.

Currently SATMED is conducting a pilot phase with selected NGOs for the design and evolution of the platform.

The NGOs include:

SATMED is one of the first platforms that offer open-access to high quality e-Health tools. Moreover, SATMED integrates different tools into one single access platform. This single-access integration will be a breakthrough in user friendliness and interoperability between the different tools that cover a wide range of applications such as e-health records and picture archive, e-consultancy, e-learning, e-group and content management tools, e-surveillance and e-health financing. These tools are combined, in addition, with modern videoconferencing applications.

In addition, e-Health is often needed in areas that do not have any internet connectivity, neither terrestrial, nor by mobile services. In these areas SATMED offers Satellite enhanced internet.

The SATMED platform aims to overcome barriers of e-Health by improving accessibility (combining mobile and Satellite enhance internet), enhancing simplicity of use of e-health tools, makes e-Health affordable and improve interoperability and thus the quality of e-health.