Presta Bist CEO discusses digital transformation in the Republic of Chad

Presta Bist CEO discusses digital transformation in the Republic of Chad

This blog post was published before O3b Networks transitioned to SES Networks.

As a landlocked country in northern Central Africa we have managed with limited bandwidth and low throughput for years. Now with the launch of O3b’s satellite services we have been able to provide Presta Bist residents with clear sound, live High Definition (HD) video and high-speed downloads.

The thought of ever being able to reach capacities of up to 1GB seemed impossible before O3b. The immediate response from residents, businesses and the government has been incredible. Since the deployment of O3b’s satellite services, the number of complaints has reduced significantly – to the point of being nonexistent. We are thrilled to share that we are officially offering our customers a high quality of service in both voice and video that had previously been impossible.

Before O3b’s revolutionary technology, one of our local telecom providers had less than 10 customers, and today they have 30 major customers. Now, because the service is better, everyday telcos are seeing more and more customers and turnover has increased substantially.

The Republic of Chad is a rapidly developing market, and the launch of O3b’s satellite enabled services in the region increases opportunity for development and success. For the first time ever, we are able to provide residents with connectivity that they thought only existed in large and fully development countries.