Improving the Customer Experience Through Industry Standards

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Improving the Customer Experience Through Industry Standards
  • SES is leveraging TMForum Standards and OpenAPI to drive digital transformation and operational efficiency for a superior customer experience
  • With an open digital architecture, SES enables higher flexibility and interoperability with customer’s digital services
David Villegas
David Villegas, Director of Digital,
Architecture, SES

At SES, we are constantly looking for ways to elevate the customer experience and enhance our service offerings. We strive to evolve our daily operational efficiency, knowing that these optimisations will ultimately benefit our customers. Adhering to industry standards play an important role in our digital transformation as it provides a framework of best practices to follow. This is why we are a proud member of the TM Forum, a global standardisation body for telcos that has developed standards and best practices we are leveraging to enhance our business capabilities.

Among these standards, the TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) and OpenAPI manifestos are initiatives that enable greater agility, efficiency, and interoperability for digital services. Working closely with TMF on these initiatives, SES offers a superior customer experience and continues improving operational efficiency.

Enabling Digital Services: the ODA and OpenAPI Manifestos

SES’s journey with TMF began with the adoption of their frameworks and OpenAPIs, which simplified our approach to digital transformation. As a significant milestone, SES signed the TMForum’s ODA and OpenAPI Manifestos during Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona this February. These manifestos provide a unified framework for the development and deployment of digital services, enabling us to drive digital transformation to better support customers across various industries.

Transforming the Customer Experience: Running on ODA

After a successful digital transformation phase, SES has earned TMF’s Running on ODA status. Usually reserved for major telecommunications companies or large cloud providers, the Running on ODA status represents a significant advancement in our business agility, customer experience and operational efficiency through clear architectural principles, acquired skills, the implementation of ODA components and OpenAPIs, and stablished digital architecture governance and processes. To summarise, achieving Running on ODA status demonstrates that we are committed to enhancing its operational capabilities and delivering superior solutions to our customers.

Multiple Benefits: Moving Faster, Driving Interoperability, and Delivering Value

Throughout SES’s journey with ODA, we’ve experienced benefits in several areas, including how it facilitates interoperability when working with partners and customers, and how it makes us more effective in delivering value to our customers. The satellite industry is evolving rapidly and working with the TM Forum is an accelerator – adopting their standards allows us to be more agile in how we interact with other organizations.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future

SES remains committed to delivering value to our customers not only by leveraging best practices and standards, but also by contributing to the standardisation of the satellite industry to enable seamless interoperability along the customer’s journey. Our collaboration with TM Forum is an important step in achieving this objective. At the same time, it improves our operations and allows us to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing satellite industry.

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