End-to-End Services Enabling SES Customers to Succeed

End-to-End Services Enabling SES Customers to Succeed

This blog post was published before O3b Networks transitioned to SES Networks.

Through O3b’s differentiated Lifecycle Services portfolio we directly enable customers to seamlessly access the benefits of a high bandwidth, low latency satellite connectivity solution. O3b provides an end-to-end comprehensive managed service including key elements through the building, operating and maintaining phases of the network lifecycle. We deploy these solutions in some very tough and hard-to-reach places, some that are challenged by political unrest and poor local facilities. To emphasize this point we have deployed our services in refugee camps around the world including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, South Sudan in the Amazon jungle of Columbia, Brazil, and in the rain forests of Myanmar where transportation of engineers and material relied upon river boats and some really challenging off-road environments.

In all the Regions that we serve we have highly trained dedicated Field Engineers and Partner Companies that have undertaken rigorous certifications to ensure a common standard in field practices. These are supported by our Program Management Office that provide support to Program Managers and Field Engineers such as controlled documentation, project tools, skills monitoring and lessons learned. Our efforts are always rewarded by customer satisfaction and through what O3b can deliver in terms of the end-user experience that broadband connectivity and low latency can bring in such remote areas.

Managed Services is key to the O3b solution and to us it means that O3b owns the project including the implementation and operation start-to-finish. We genuinely take the responsibility and the risk upon our shoulders and through experience and precisely detailed project management we deliver on the end-game. O3b believes customer relationships are paramount in any managed service relationship. O3b maintains a project and program management structure throughout the managed service duration to ensure that customers always have a regional point of contact readily available to deal with any challenges or issues that should arise.

O3b’s portfolio of Lifecycle Services include multiple services elements organized in a four stage lifecycle approach including Implement, Manage, Maintain and Consult. Implement services include project management, site survey, installation and commissioning to enable a successful launch of the service. Manage and Maintain services focus on ongoing operations services required to monitor, manage and restore network connectivity in case of failure. The monitoring and management of O3b’s entire network is performed at our combined state of the art Network and Satellite Operations Center in Virginia, US. O3b’s Consult services provide a number of value added services such as network audit and training in which customers can leverage O3b’s internal expertise to enhance their network options.