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Adara’s Unique Solution Easily & Cost-effectively Enables Operator Subscriber Networks for 4K UHD

Written on 26 Jan 2018

An operator’s constant tug-of-war for RF bandwidth allocation between lower-margin video services and higher-margin DOCSIS/Internet services is more apparent now than ever.  If bandwidth availability is hampering your operation’s efforts to justify 4K UHD services for your subscribers, then Adara has the perfect solution for you.

Using only 12 - 24 QAMs or fewer, Adara’s Switched IP Video (SIPV) solution delivers an unlimited video channel offering of SD, HD and 4K UHD. And, since SIPV is “codec-aware”, HEVC/4K-capable STBs are target-deployed only to subscribers wanting and paying for the 4K UHD services; thereby not requiring a forklift of legacy STBs, and without consuming any DOCSIS bandwidth.  Adara’s built-in Viewership Measurement & Analytics helps operators make more informed business decisions regarding the empirical value of 4K UHD (and all) content to the viewers they care about most, their own subscribers.

Nevertheless, for operators who prefer to deliver 4K UHD services via DOCSIS/broadband, Adara’s SIPV solution enables operators to quickly and inexpensively free up as many as 50 or more video QAM channels, making them available in as little as 90 days for DOCSIS 3.0, 3.1 and FULL DUPLEX expansion.

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Written on 26 Jan 2018