Intelligent Mining

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New technology is critical to the future of mining, with digital technologies promising lower operational costs and better utilisation of existing assets. Capabilities such as real-time data visualisation, analytics, automation and virtual/augmented reality offer the potential for improved safety, efficiency and profitability. Our combination of low-latency MEO, GEO widebeam, and GEO HTS space assets provides managed data services to remote locations for your most hard-to-reach operations.

Connectivity to any mine site

  • Fibre-equivalent connectivity to support real-time data sharing
  • Comprehensive coverage, anywhere your mines are located
  • Managed services model for cost-effective bandwidth scaling as usage increases

Our mining solution powers next-generation technologies such as Voice over IP, remote infrastructure monitoring, logistics management and Industrual Internet of Things (IIoT), allowing you to improve mine safety and productivity and ensuring your employees’ job satisfaction.

Find out more about Intelligent Mining:

Download our white paper: “Broadband Connected Mining”

  • Get an overview of the opportunities that are enabled by multi-orbit satellite systems
  • Find out how to improve efficiency, safety, and uptime and the benefit of a fully connected mining operation
  • Get a closer look at SES’s GEO-MEO satellite architecture

Broadband Connected Mining

Download the white paper

Enabling Platforms and Services


Low-latency, high-speed managed data services, with data rates up to 1Gbps.

Learn about O3b MEO

Skala Global Platform

A global managed platform designed to help operations scaleefficiently and effectively.

Learn about Skala Global Platform


Partnerships with the world leaders in cloud services provide private, reliable cloud connectivity anywhere.

Learn about Cloud


Next-generation MEO system built on the proven track record of O3b MEO with exponential capabilities in scale, flexibility, and performance.

Learn about O3b mPOWER

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