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SES Cloud Direct

High-Performance Cloud-Connect Services

We deliver satellite-based cloud-connect services so that enterprises and government agencies can drive productivity gains, reduce IT infrastructure costs and reach new thresholds of operational agility, anywhere they operate.

SES Cloud Direct: Dedicated, High-Performance Connectivity to the Cloud from Any Global End-Point

With SES Cloud Direct, we help you reach any global end-point, connect to any cloud provider, differentiate services with high-performance, and scale with your business as customers adopt more cloud and edge services. Having done the hard work to certify our services, integrate our operations, and inter-connect our network with the most vital cloud platforms worldwide, SES Cloud Direct connects your customers to critical cloud applications—reliably and at scale.

Together with our cloud service provider partners, we deliver unmatched network coverage and cloud-optimised connectivity to you and your customers, anywhere in the world.

Why you should work with us

High availability

Ultra reliable, resilient services supporting continuous cloud operations, backed by robust service level agreements.

Global reach

As a global satellite operator with an expansive multi-orbit fleet, we enable you to reach the widest audience quickly and effectively.



Optimised application performance with one-hop connectivity to the cloud via O3b mPOWER.

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