Reach for the sky

Space-enabled Digital Transformations

Data is king and companies everywhere are in a race to digitalise.

Do you have the right network to get them to the finish line?

End user value

Digital technologies help enterprises and governments boost profits, improve efficiency, and ensure business continuity.


Unlocking the value of the data generated by a mine can improve cost efficiencies up to 17%
(McKinsey Global Institute)


Digital processes in the offshore energy market can add $250B of value to upstream operations by 2030
(McKinsey Global Institute)


Just one-third of US active duty personnel believe that their organization’s current Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination capabilities provide them with the context they need for accurate decision-making
(Government Business Council)


68% of IT executives plan to increase their spend on artificial intelligence and machine learning over the next year

Transforming how we do things on earth

Satellite-Empowered Cloud Connectivity

The future is digital, with companies everywhere making the best use of their data to transform their organisations.

Can your network support these digital transformations?

Why SES?


Proven technology
A commercially proven multi-orbit fleet that enables the right access to cloud-based digital tools from any location.



Advanced connectivity
Transfer high volumes of data between any site and the cloud and tailor performance requirements to your needs.


Cost-effective flexibility
A consumption-based model lets enterprises scale up their bandwidth investments as they execute on their digital transformations.


A future-proof network
Our next-generation O3b mPOWER system features the performance, flexibility and reach needed to support digitalisation initiatives, even as data volumes continue to skyrocket.

Space-enabled digital transformation

Learn how satellite communications plays a critical role in driving digitalisation across industries

The Cloud for your Industry

Transforming video
Broadcasters of any size can playout channels more cost-effectively via the cloud than hardware-based, on-premises solutions. Find out how to create a flexible remote workforce and reduce the lead time to launching a new channel.

Transforming broadcast in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Broadcaster

Transforming enterprises
Our space-enabled connectivity solutions ensure companies of all sizes can leverage the cost savings and efficiencies afforded by the cloud.

Transforming enterprises in Central America


Transforming missions
High-quality satellite connectivity to the cloud enables defense organisations to optimise data collected from autonomous vehicles, intelligent advanced warning systems, and multi-sensor reconnaissance missions.

Transforming military missions (PDF)


Transforming public safety
Government agencies can harness the reliability and reach of satellite-enabled connectivity to ensure public safety and consistency of operations during a natural disaster or other emergency.

Supporting public safety in Taiwan


Living on the edge

Computing power is increasingly shifting to the edge, where it can collect device and sensor data, derive insights, and apply appropriate policy decisions. The edge can also serve as a platform for deploying virtualised network functions and can host next-generation technologies such as private 5G and IoT, enabling enterprises and governments to roll out new capabilities quickly and cost-effectively.

SES is teaming with our partners to deliver the reliable, secure network fabric needed to power the edge, along with a suite of managed solutions that enable innovative use cases at the edge – wherever that may be.

Learn more about the satellite-enabled edge

Microsoft, Amazon Web services and Oracle

Meet our Cloud Partners

Cloud services depend on an ecosystem of interdependent components, each playing a critical role in enabling enterprises and consumers to capitalise on the benefits of the cloud.

As part of this ecosystem, we are partnering with the world’s leading cloud service providers to deliver the underlying network fabric needed for your customers to seamlessly access the cloud.


The ground-breaking partnership between SES and Microsoft ensures the seamless delivery of Azure services to any global endpoint.

SES and Microsoft – Watch the video

Cloud 1

Amazon Web Services

Our partnership with Amazon Web Services provides a dedicated network connection from the end-user location to the AWS cloud platform.

SES and Amazon Web Services – Watch the video

Cloud 2


As a member of the Oracle Partner Network, SES offers private satellite cloud connectivity to Oracle Cloud through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect.

SES and Oracle - Read the press release

Cloud 3

Our suite of digital transformation enablers

Discover our portfolio of digital transformation enablers.

Video cloud channel management 
Create new TV channels more flexibly and cost-effectively. Eliminate infrastructure investment, accelerate time to market, and reduce complexity with a fully managed service.

SES cloud for video


SES Cloud Direct
Our managed network service delivers private connectivity from SES gateways for both Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites to top-tier cloud service providers. SES Cloud Direct creates an end-to-end, dedicated connection from an enterprise or remote government site to the cloud.

Private cloud connections



Trunking services for data centre interconnections, including direct connectivity between private and public cloud infrastructure.

More about Digital Transformation

Cloud Connect

SES Cloud Direct

High-Performance Cloud-Connect Services


SES and Microsoft

Delivering Azure cloud services, anywhere


SES and AWS Direct Connect

A consistent network experience -- to any endpoint

Antenna park_image

SES's own cloud journey

Learn how SES is executing on its enterprise transformation to become a cloud-native business

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