Managed Mobile Backhaul

De-risking network transformations

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The successful evolution from 2G to 3G, LTE and beyond requires a sustainable business case in the face of key technology and operational challenges. Subscribers are demanding more from your network, requiring you to scale cost-effectively while delivering a consistently high quality of experience.

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Satellite-based backhaul for rural connectivity

SES combines extensive network expertise with in-country resources and a flexible range of managed satellite-based backhaul solutions to help you address that challenge, allowing you to reduce the risk of providing broadband for rural markets.

  • Deep expertise delivering end-to-end managed mobile network solutions
  • Unmatched flexibility to build the right solution over GEO and MEO satellite fleets
  • Wide range of mobile backhaul pricing models that align costs to revenue

Our Signature Telecom & MNO Solutions portfolio delivers flexible service offerings, robust service level agreements and mobile network infrastructure optimised to help you meet your network migration goals – efficiently and profitably. 

Technical Parameters MBH over GEO satellites MBH over MEO satellites
Service Type Layer 2 Layer 2
RAN Technology Support 2G / 3G / 4G 2G / 3G / 4G
Throughput per site DL/UL Up to 250 / 195 Mbps Up to 700 / 200 Mbps
Latency 500-600 ms RTT* 150-200 ms RTT*
Jitter <5ms* <10ms*
SLA ≤99.9% ≤99.5%
QoS Support Yes, DSCP, up to 6 queues Yes, DSCP, up to 8 queues
Synchronization GPS, IEEE 1588v2* GPS, IEEE 1588v2*
Traffic optimization Header/Payload Compression, TCP/GTP Acceleration N/A

*Depends on architecture design

Download our solution brief: “Managed Mobile Backhaul”

  • Discover a new approach to mobile backhaul, tailored to meet business requirements specific to MNO’s and backed by strong and comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Read a use case focused on how we delivered managed mobile backhaul to Chad 

Managed Mobile Backhaul

Download the solution brief

Enabling Platforms and Services


High-performance HTS broadband with global reach.

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Low-latency, high-speed managed data services, with data rates up to 1Gbps.

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Ascent Lifecycle Services

The industry's most extensive portfolio of lifecycle services to maximise the value of your connectivity.

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Partnerships with the world leaders in cloud services provide private, reliable cloud connectivity anywhere.

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Next-generation MEO system built on the proven track record of O3b MEO with exponential capabilities in scale, flexibility, and performance.

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