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Innovation drives the world of technology forward. Bringing new innovations to the mainstream takes a pioneering spirit, and the willingness to be an early adopter that explores new possibilities. At SES Networks, innovation has been at the heart of everything we do—for more than three decades.

We were the first satellite operator to conceptualise and execute satellite co-location. We hosted the first government payload on a commercial satellite. We built the world’s only MEO constellation, providing fibre-like connectivity from orbit, and we’ll launch our next-generation O3b mPOWER MEO constellation in 2021. We launched the first commercial payload on a reusable SpaceX rocket. We are exploring software-defined satellites backed by an intelligent ground network that can manage and integrate services from our GEO and MEO fleets to secure satellite’s position as an integral part of the cloud ecosystem. We will continue to pioneer new technologies that transform our industry and end-user experiences.

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