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According to the World Economic Forum, more that half of the world's population remains unconnected to the internet. Connecting the unconnected not only represents a critical path to revenue growth for service providers, it is vital to increasing economic productivity, particularly in developing nations where internet use is low or non-existent.
To reach new markets, network operators need to address the key challenge of justifying the required investments in network infrastructure and operations.

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While terrestrial technologies are cost prohibitive, satellite technology has played a key role in providing capacity to under-served areas. Yet, existing widebeam technology has struggled to keep pace with end-user demand for high-capacity services. Meeting the need for high-performance services, we have made strategic investments in satellite deployments that bring GEO HTS services to all key industry verticals we serve: aero, cloud, energy, government, maritime, and telecom.

Our GEO HTS satellites provide global coverage, and enable robust Ku-band services leveraging flexible spot-beam technology. Our GEO HTS satellites combine with our O3b MEO fleet to create the industry's only multi-orbit, multi-band services, including network resiliency, and intelligent application-aware load balancing solutions.

You will benefit from: 

  • Global Ku-band coverage for services across all key industry verticals
  • Expansive capacity available for enabling virtual network operators
  • Proven, industry-specific expertise in lifecycle services

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