Let’s Build Something Great - Together

Let’s Build Something Great - Together

By JP Hemingway, CEO, SES Networks

One of the most awe-inspiring things I have ever witnessed is a launch.

When we launch something powerful that changes the world for people, businesses and communities in a positive and powerful way – that’s something special to me. And knowing that every single person at SES Networks contributed to building it makes it even more special.

Given that I work for SES Networks, I bet you’re thinking that I’m talking about a satellite launch. But I’m not. I’m talking about a product launch. I’m continually inspired by our team’s ability to their unique skills together and build some incredibly valuable solutions for our customers.

That passion for building – combining elements to create a bigger outcome – has been a factor in some of my biggest personal achievements. From team cycling (and many other types of races where my enthusiasm far outweighed my athletic skill) to more practical endeavors like engineering school and ultimately a career that’s been all about building the right network solutions for the right applications.

This drive to build is why I am so excited – and frankly honored – to now take on the role of CEO at SES Networks.

Since we formed this business nearly a year ago, we have been building our solutions, our teams and our processes. And with that foundation now in place, we can squarely focus on the most important building project of them all – helping our customers and their end-users to further build on their opportunities.

After all, this is what SES Networks is all about: helping others to best capitalize on the opportunities enabled by connectivity. And you can see it in just about every aspect of our business.

You can see it in our high-touch engagement model that aims to fully understand not just our customers’ connectivity needs, but what they want to ultimately achieve for their users.

You see it in our product development process, in which experts from our customers’ markets work to tailored solutions that not only meet market requirements, but give customers and their users an edge.

You can see it in how we’re building standards-based capabilities into our network to make it easy and seamless to integrate satellite-enabled communications across the global networking ecosystem.

And you can see it in our unique Customer Enablement Practice that provides market analysis and custom marketing programs to help our customers expand their business.

But perhaps most of all, you can see our builder’s mentality in the fully managed SES Networks experience – a competency that we proudly have built from the ground up. Our managed service approach means direct support from start to finish for a holistic network solution – with the option to fully outsource the entire network. It’s a unique offering that allows our customers to be wholly focused on building their business, not their networks.

We’ve carefully designed and built all of this to make it possible for our customers to fully leverage our services so they can build something great. Whether it’s powering new e-health and e-learning initiatives across rural Africa, or expanding the reach of LTE to make Skype video calls possible deep in the Amazon jungle, the opportunities for building greatness are everywhere.

So it’s with this mindset that I assume this leadership position – ready to help build more teams, more solutions, and more business for our customers.

Let’s get started building the next generation of opportunities … together.