Celebrating our first 30 years – and preparing for the next 30

Celebrating our first 30 years – and preparing for the next 30

SES turns 30 this year, and we take pride in what we have achieved so far. We’ve helped bring the world’s best entertainment and information to millions of TV viewers. We’ve also taken great strides in delivering global satellite solutions to an ever growing range of enterprises and government organisations.

And now as we embrace the next 30 years, we are igniting the flame of a new era. We’re taking a 360 degree view of the world’s most rapidly advancing industries, and we’re gearing up in order to help participants identify and efficiently leverage tomorrow’s opportunities as well as navigate future challenges.


From multiscreen TV to global connectivity

The future of broadcasting lies in enabling people to watch TV programmes anytime, anywhere and with a powerful visual experience unlike any seen before. Ultra HD will soon be attracting more new audiences and, as with its predecessor HDTV, SES is leading the way to deliver it.

On the other hand, future communications applications will demand ever-higher throughputs and tighter underlying economics. New kinds of as-yet-unimagined services that require hybrid technologies will entice and delight consumers.

The Internet of Things is no longer just a concept on a white board. Efficient monitoring, location and connection of people and assets, even in the world’s most remote locations, is being leveraged in new ways every day.

And connectivity while on the move – on land, at sea or on the wing – is fast becoming the new normal.

Four pillars of capability

SES is energetically embracing this new dynamic communications ecosystem. We’re laying the groundwork to comprehensively meet and exceed the expectations of our customers across four central strategic pillars – videofixed datamobility and government.  

SES has the right-to-win in these four distinct segments: we have built up our presence in these strategic hubs, and we’ve committed resources and investments to galvanise our traction and future success in each.

These strategic groupings are becoming centres of excellence and expertise. Subject expert teams are exploring each of these sectors in depth, and with our internal and external partners, are developing the next generation of tailored solutions.

GEO + MEO = new solutions for a new era

Thanks to our investment in O3b, we have a unique combined network of spacecraft which leverages the reach and power of satellites in two different orbits, GEO (geostationary orbit) and MEO (Medium Earth Orbit).

Our geostationary satellite network has long set the benchmark for reach and reliability. Meanwhile, the O3b network’s position in Medium Earth Orbit can enable low-latency connectivity for many business- and mission-critical applications. Together with O3b, we already serve fixed data, mobility and government customers.

With such comprehensive resources, we are positioned unlike any other to provide the capability and flexibility that tomorrow’s applications will demand, with sophisticated solutions tailored for broadcasting, enterprise, maritime and aviation as well as mobile backhaul, consumer broadband and a range of non-commercial welfare and security uses.

Known for its massive throughput, fibre-like speed and low latency capabilities, O3b is ideal for infrastructure links in hot demand spots. SES HTS and O3b, combined with the overall SES fleet, form a consistent product portfolio that addresses the various needs of SES's customers.

Hybrid satellites and networks

Innovation in the satellite industry is key for satellite operators such as SES to react faster and with more flexibility in fast-growing markets. SES is investing in new infrastructure to even further broaden our capabilities in the future. Our roadmap of multiple new spacecraft demonstrates this commitment.

The announcements of SES hybrid satellites SES-12SES-14 and SES-15 are an extension of SES HTS strategy. These hybrid satellite payloads and missions allow us to flexibly serve our customers using a wide array of technical solutions; from expansive widebeams to shaped spotbeams, Ku- and Ka-band, and optimised custom solutions. This will further address a broad range of cost sensitive data communication applications with various traffic profiles and with a wide geographical distribution.

But SES’s investment in innovation doesn’t stop at hybrid payloads. We are investing in expanding our ground stations, such as our spacecraft operations centre (SOC) in Princeton last year that features the latest control technologies to ensure continued success of our customers. We are also nurturing new innovations in launcher technology, for example by working with innovative launchers like SpaceX and by rely on electric propulsion.  Last but not least, we are helping to develop the next generation of receiving technology: SAT>IP technology for multiscreen viewing, Ultra HD roll-out.

Only with SES do users benefit from unprecedented access to a ubiquitous, future-proof and high-performance network. We look forward to developing new solutions to benefit more people and organisations throughout the next 30 years and beyond.