SES Techcom

SES Techcom is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SES that develops and delivers innovative and tailored end-to-end satellite-enabled solutions and services to governmental, institutional and supranational partners and customers. Leveraging its expertise in managing complex system integration projects, the company is a long-standing partner for institutional customers such as the European Commission and ESA on quantum communication infrastructure, navigation, defence & security, humanitarian and disaster response initiatives.

Engineering Excellence & Innovation

We are pioneers in satellite-based Quantum Key Distribution, demonstrated through our leading role in the QUARTZ program since 2018 and the development of key innovative technologies in line with the institutional requirements of the European Commission.

Our personnel can execute high-level skills throughout the entire project life cycle, including professional bid management, proposal writing focused on complex public procurement, documentation management, program management, and a customer-oriented sales and engineering team.

A trusted partner

We take pride in our reputation for building strong and trustful partnerships with European Institutions, national delegations and governments, including the development of emergency disaster response solutions in collaboration with the Luxembourg Government.

Tailored Products and Solutions

We offer products and services tailored to our customers requirements in every corner of the world. Whether it is data, government, video or mobility solutions you are looking for, we can help you move your business to the next level.