Self Managed Playout

Reducing the barriers to entry in linear TV

For new or existing players in the linear TV broadcasting space, ensuring a faster time to market can provide a competitive edge.

More about Self Managed Playout

Yet, creating a new TV channel or bringing an existing TV channel to new markets involves adapting your content library for the region you’re trying to reach. Setting up a playout centre that can handle this process is both time consuming and capital intensive.

With our self-managed playout service:

  • we give you all the power to manage your TV channel—so you can get your channel ready for consumption quickly and efficiently
  • we help you choose the best-suited location for your playout servers
  • we offer you a simple web interface providing access to the playout platform from wherever you are
  • our smart tools conduct automated checks and alert you to gaps in the schedule, so they can be fixed well in advance of the broadcast.

By providing access to our easy-to-use tools and existing workflows, we ensure you have everything you need to organise your playout process on a daily basis.

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