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Investor Day 2017

Investor Day 2017

Delivering Sustained and Profitable Growth - Karim Michel Sabbagh, President and CEO

Bold Strategy Roadmap - Christophe De Hauwer, Chief Strategy and Development Officer

Shaping Future Video Experiences - Ferdinand Kayser, CEO of SES Video

Growth Through Enhanced Customer Experience - Steve Collar, CEO of SES Networks

Innovating SES's Technology Solutions - Martin Halliwell, Chief Technology Officer

Applying Financial Framework to Drive Profitable Growth - Padraig McCarthy, Chief Financial Officer

Investor Day 2016

Investor Days 2016 - beyond frontiers (full presentation)

Corporate perspective - Karim Michel Sabbagh, President and CEO

SES's growth markets: Video - Ferdinand Kayser, CCO

SES's growth markets: Enterprise - Aslan Tricha, SVP & MSC Leader for Enterprise

SES's growth markets: Mobility - Elias Zaccack, SVP & MSC Leader for Mobility

SES's growth markets: Global government - Nicole Robinson, VP & MSC Leader for Government

SES's growth markets: U.S. Government - Pete Hoene, CEO of SES Government Solutions

SES's growth accelerators: O3b Networks - Steve Collar, CEO of O3b Networks

SES's growth accelerators: HTS+ - Christophe de Hauwer, CDO

SES's growth accelerators: Media Solutions - Wilfried Urner, CEO of SES Platform Services & MSC Leader for Video

SES technology framework - Martin Halliwell, CTO

SES financial framework - Padraig McCarthy, CFO

Investor Day 2015

New Horizons - Karim Michel Sabbagh, President & CEO

Establishing the Next Generation of Video - Ferdinand Kayser, CCO

Delivering the Next Generation of Data - Christophe De Hauwer, CDO

Enabling Next Generation Data - Steve Collar, CEO, O3b

Shaping future U.S. Government business - Peter Hoene, President & CEO, SES Government Solutions

Building the Next Generation Satellite Fleet - Martin Halliwell, CTO

Optimising SES’s Financial Capabilities - Padraig McCarthy, CFO