17 - 18 MAY 2022
Movenpick Hotel & Residences Nairobi, Kenya

Africa Security Symposium (ASEC)

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Africa Security Symposium (ASEC)

The 9th Africa Security Symposium (ASEC2022) will be Chaired by Amb. (Eng.). Mahboub Maalim, former Executive Secretary, Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) & Permanent Secretary, Office of the President.

SES will be represented by Augustus Kamitu - Sales Director, Fixed Data Africa to moderate the opening panel titled; Governance, National Security & Policing.

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Panel details

Tuesday, 17 May @ 9:25am (GMT+3)

Panel moderator:

Augustus Kamitu
SES Sales Director Africa

Governance, National Security & Policing

ASEC2022’s opening panel looks at Africa’s national security, governance, and policing strategies. The complexities of Africa’s border control challenges have never been broader; dynamics are ever-changing, trade remains essential as does aid and health resources however, borders continue to be a major source of conflict and instability. Be it smuggling, trafficking, economic crime, illegal immigration, and/or maritime security issues, national security is imperative. However, long-term stability and development requires cross-border cooperation and effective border management through consistent technology and systems adoption, information sharing. Panellists will also discuss the role of national police forces, advancements in smart policing as well as key initiatives and methods such as community engagement to promote a sense of security, implementing preventative measures, and protecting citizens.

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Event support contact

Oyoenisai Andrew-Essien
[email protected]