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Transforming the Mining Sector with High Performance Connectivity
For many countries around the world, mineral exploration and production is the key to economic growth. However, fully capitalising on natural resources can be challenging as the sites are usually at highly dispersed and remote locations, have limited and unreliable connectivity at mining sites which results in the crew having to use siloed IT and OT systems and processes.
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Blog  | 13 Jul 2021

SES Leads Satellite-enabled 5G Tests

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ESG Blog

Blog  | 12 Jul 2021

Social Responsibility and Business Success Go Hand in Hand

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Blog  | 07 Jul 2021

SES-17: Innovating Satellite Connectivity

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Blog  | 01 Jul 2021

SES Team Spotlight: Transforming People's Lives Starts from the Satellite Design with Ishan Basyal

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C-band image

Blog  | 29 Jun 2021

SES Team Spotlight: Stanley Russo on Transitioning SES’s C-band Managed Services in the US

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Blog  | 21 Jun 2021

SES helps commercial maritime industry navigate their digitalisation journeys

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Blog  | 10 Jun 2021

Best of both worlds: Reaching millions in Germany through ASTRA and HD+

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Blog  | 26 May 2021

SES Team Spotlight: Connecting the Dots with Valva Moreno

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Diversity Management

Blog  | 21 May 2021

Why Diversity and Inclusion Matters to SES

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Blog  | 29 Apr 2021

SES Cloud Playout: A New World of Flexibility for Linear TV

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Blog  | 20 Apr 2021

Our Next-Gen Satellite System Aligns Perfectly with 5G

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Blog  | 15 Apr 2021

SATMED: Luxembourg’s Internationally-Recognised Telemedicine Platform is Ready to Scale

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