Hosted Payloads

Reducing risk and investment for space access

SES Networks

Building and launching a dedicated satellite is a long and costly procedure. Rather than investing the full cost of constructing a spacecraft, customers can share a satellite, or add a dedicated payload to an upcoming commercial satellite scheduled for launch. This allows nations to exploit their national space communication interests and frequency rights management with mitigated risk.

More about Hosted Payloads

Our hosted payload solutions enable clients to utilise power, mass, and space on our satellites to accommodate additional transponders, instruments, or other space-bound items. This provides a more resilient space architecture via the distribution of assets across multiple platforms and locations, rather than concentrating multiple capabilities on a single platform.

Hosted payloads support missions including communications for a wide variety of government use cases, satellite navigation, scientific and research projects, and space situational awareness. They provide easier access to space, ensuring applications and platforms get online quickly, and more cost-effectively.

You will benefit from:

  • A proven track record of technical excellence in satellite design, procurement, launch, and fleet management
  • An unmatched hosting experience from the industry leader, with hosted payloads since 2011
  • A regular launch schedule for frequent flight opportunitiesĀ 

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