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Governments around the world increasingly rely on commercial satellite services to meet their networking needs. Whether it’s for military, social and economic development, or future technologies, SES Networks can help. Powered by the world’s only multi-orbit, multi-band fleet, our Signature Government Solutions provide the robust connectivity and secure, end-to-end managed network services governments need to rapidly provision their missions with resilient communications infrastructure.

As a trusted partner to more than 58 government agencies in 29 countries, we provide technical expertise and the highest standards of project and risk management practices to support strategic, long-term programmes with a national or multinational scope.

SES Networks Global Government includes dedicated and specialised sales, marketing, engineering, and project management teams, supported by local technical and commercial experts, and our dedicated affiliates Redu Space Services, SES Government Solutions, and GovSat. As a global provider of managed network services, we bring more than 30 years of expertise to government and institutional network services.

You will benefit from:

  • A fleet of more than 70 satellites operating in GEO and MEO orbits to provide reach, scale, and flexibility
  • Access to a range of frequencies including government-protected X- and military Ka-band
  • Security clearance, regional certifications, specialised knowledge, and established partnerships
  • Innovative business models for end-to-end managed services that reduce complexity and risk

Associated companies

A dedicated organisation to serve you better

Government customers have a wide variety of network service requirements. The SES Networks Global Government division, together with its dedicated affiliate companies, ensures we can meet the needs of every government mission.
Combining the strength of our multi-orbit fleet, full range of commercial and military frequencies, global network of teleports, Signature Government Solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each government segment, dedicated government focus, and expert regional teams, we provide our government customers with more flexibility than any other provider.

SES Government Solutions

Networks services for the US Government

With more than 40 years of experience working with US Governments, SES Government Solutions provides bandwidth, hosted payload opportunities, and custom end-to-end network services for US governments. Working tirelessly to assure performance and reduce risk, we back every US Government mission with a long-standing record of technical achievement, operational excellence, and service commitment.

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Redu Space Services

Secure critical communications infrastructure

Founded in Belgium in 2007, Redu Space Services is a joint venture between QINTIQ Space and SES. It was appointed to perform maintenance and operations for the ESA Centre located in Redu, Belgium, and designated as EU Critical Infrastructure in 2014. RSS provides a neutral, institutional site that is radio frequency-protected, with secure facilities to host, operate, and maintain satellite communication infrastructure. It is highly specialised in space programmes that involve the operation and delivery of advanced satellite communication systems and services, with a strong focus on customisation, satellite infrastructure operations and maintenance, in-orbit test campaigns, and integrated applications such as satellite communications, navigation, and Earth observation.

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Secure government satellite network services

GovSat is a brand operated by LuxGovSat S.A., a public-private joint venture between the Luxembourg government and SES. GovSat provides secure, reliable, and non-pre-emptible communications in X-band and military K-band frequencies reserved for the exclusive use of government and institutional users. Its Mission Operations Center in Betzdorf (Luxembourg), as well as its staff, is accredited to handle classified information up to NATO/EU SECRET level.

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