Occasional Use

Whether you find yourself on a ship at sea or a plane crossing the Atlantic, and you need to connect to your friends and family or virtual office, we provide reliable and seamless on-the-spot connectivity.

    Find out about how we can customise connectivity solutions to fit your specific needs.

    Book time on our global satellite network through our easy to use online booking tool that offers segments from 15 minutes to 3 months.

    You will benefit from:

    • Immediate delivery of robust satellite capacity
    • Worldwide coverage
    • Flexible online booking
    • Global, 24/7 customer support
    • Vast uplink network
    • Managed services
    • Extremely reliable service from ground to satellite
    • Full package solutions including technical consulting services
    • Easy bundling with our teleport services

    SES Global OU Brochure (PDF)

    Online Booking

    Use the online booking tool to check latest availability. This service is only compatible with Internet Explorer 7 or above

    Online Booking Tool

    Contact Us

    For support from the Global Occasional Use team:
    Tel +31 70 306 4200
    US Toll Free +1 800 732 3273

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