O3b MEO launch
Celebrating 10 years into our

MEO Journey

An extraordinary journey began

It started with the launch of our first O3b satellites back in 2013

Since then, O3b has positively impacted people and transformed industries:
In almost 50 countries around the world
Enabling mobile networks with more than 15 million end users
Supporting four out of the top six oil and gas super majors
And Five of the top six cruise lines
While delivering the cloud-scale era for millions of people worldwide
O3b mPOWER timeline

Our MEO Journey


And our journey continues

SES's second-generation MEO system, O3b mPOWER, will deliver unrivalled performance, enabling its customers' critical operations and key revenue streams with high throughput, predictable low latency and high availability services.

Together with our customers

“We are glad to continue partnering with SES to bring the second-generation MEO satellite constellation O3b mPOWER to the Cook Islands, helping to improve connectivity to the outer islands and further contribute to the islands’ socioeconomic growth.''

Phillip Henderson, CEO at Vodafone Cook Islands

Vodafone Cook Islands

Join us in this journey!

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