Are you looking to enhance the agility and flexibility of your operations while fortifying your core network across diverse locations? Discover SES’s Trunk mPOWER solution and unlock the potential to bolster network resilience in critical areas, alongside boosting rapid-deployment capabilities for Communications on the Pause (COTP) during disaster recovery, network restoration, and special events.

Explore the following key features:

  • Trunk mPOWERED service, leveraging O3b mPOWER technology, providing unmatched satellite throughput capable of delivering multi-gigabit links with uncontested capacity virtually anywhere.
  • Expansion of your core network to remote, underserved, or temporary locations.
  • Enhanced flexibility catering to networks of all types.
  • Scalability that remains unparalleled and grows seamlessly alongside your evolving needs.

Experience the power of Trunk mPOWER and revolutionize your network capabilities.