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Direct-to-Home for Platform Operators

Delivering your high quality content to millions worldwide with a Direct-to-home solution for platform operators.

Whether you operate on a free-to-air (FTA), free-to-view (FTV), or a subscription-driven pay-TV business model, we ensure you can reach your customers - and capitalise on revenue opportunities - from day one.

Reaching millions

In the video industry, your success is directly proportional to the size of your audience. Our Direct-to-Home (DTH) solution takes care of all the technical details associated with management and delivery of video content, allowing you to take high-bandwidth HD and Ultra HD content to your audiences—no matter where they are.

Enabling viewers to enjoy their favourite content in high quality

DTH allows end users to enjoy their favourite linear content from platforms like Sky, Canal+ or DishTV, via a supported satellite dish antenna, set-top box (STB), and other related components. A linear distribution service via DTH works by broadcasting a single signal or channel to millions of households simultaneously. The chain of events occurs in the following manner:

  • SES, or a partner teleport, receives the channel or content via satellite or terrestrial means.
  • Once the channel has arrived at the teleport, it’s re-encoded to achieve the correct bandwidth rate.
  • It’s then multiplexed into a single stream which is modulated and uplinked to the satellite.
  • The signal is then broadcasted to all participating households simultaneously.

Additional content management and playout services can be applied during this process prior to multiplexing, including encryption when necessary.


Exceptional image quality

It’s fully digital, resulting in higher quality audio and video.

Global Coverage

Coverage in geographically challenging areas that cannot be reached by traditional cable services.

Leverage Infrastructure

Cost efficient

It’s the most cost-efficient solution for delivering linear TV channels to millions of users simultaneously.

Why you should work with us

Global reach

Globally, our Platform Operator and Broadcaster customers reach 361 million homes via prime video neighbourhoods in Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

Market research

We measure our technical reach annually via the Satellite Monitor initiative, providing our customers with access to information about the markets in which they currently operate, or looking to in the future.

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Installer training

Our Elevate Installer Training Programme ensures that your subscribers can receive your content in their homes with no issues from day one.

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