Transforming for Next Generation Video and Data

Transforming for Next Generation Video and Data

SES’s new business model is set to deliver greater agility to customers and communities

Consumers today access a wide range of platforms simultaneously to consume information and entertainment. We see these trends taking shape in our everyday lives, from video streaming on smartphones to the sheer proliferation of broadband data applications.

They are also indicative of just how quickly the media and telecommunication landscape has evolved. As telcos diversify their portfolios with on-demand content delivery, and cable network operators raise their game by offering high-speed broadband services, traditional industry boundaries are increasingly blurred.

The new digital reality has also opened tremendous opportunities for tech mavericks like Netflix, Google and Amazon to break conventions—and reshape the market.

But this is only part of the story. As the media, broadcast and telecommunication sectors evolve, new advances in network capabilities will further push the envelope to scale up the delivery of content and connectivity in a more versatile and effective manner.

Take the aviation sector, where inflight connectivity (IFC) services are now delivered over the same communications pipe to fulfil vastly different purposes. This gives IFC providers immense flexibility to address diverse applications—whether it be providing passengers with their preferred video content in the air, or enabling real-time logistics on the tarmac.

What’s next for traditional broadcasters, telcos and service providers, who are under pressure to adapt to changing market demands? The answer is to stay ahead of the game—by enabling more agile delivery of content, connectivity and customised digital experiences.


Building a new model for success

SES is acutely aware of the impact of these industry developments. In recent years, it has scaled up essential capabilities to help customers navigate the shift towards the business models of tomorrow.

These strategic initiatives are evident in the recent restructuring of its business interests into two distinct business units: SES Video to consolidate its content and media businesses, and SES Networks to bring together its data-centric interests under a single umbrella.

Aligned to a market-centric approach, the new operating model allows SES to deliver highly differentiated satellite-enabled communication solutions, and fully leverage the capabilities of its affiliates, MX1 and O3b.


SES Video

On the media front, SES Video inherits the remarkable market traction of being the operator to deliver the largest number of satellite-enabled HD channels worldwide, and achieved success in broadcasting nearly 50% of all UHD channels carried over satellite.

Boosted by its wholly-owned subsidiary MX1, SES Video has significantly enhanced its video distribution capabilities.

The world’s first media globaliser of digital content and services, MX1 delivers and monetises media services across satellite, fibre, and the Internet, as well as over linear and non-linear platforms. This includes the ability to manage more than 120 VOD platforms worldwide.


SES Networks

SES Networks integrates its vertical-focused solutions for the fixed data, mobility and government segments with O3b Networks and global ground infrastructure.

O3b’s high throughput, low latency network solution is pivotal to SES’s ability to deliver more flexibility and scalability through a completely integrated GEO-MEO offering. This unique service model provides the resilient connectivity that SES’s customers need—combining the strengths of its satellite networks and ground infrastructure to develop highly tailored solutions for the different requirements of diverse market verticals.

By expanding its customisation capabilities, SES Networks is primed to be the partner of choice for a wider range of data-centric services—from Internet service providers and telecom operators, to governments and institutions.


Embracing the next generation

Both O3b and MX1 are highly strategic and successful precursors to the establishment of SES Video and SES Networks.

The experience gained by investing in these respective market segments proved that attention is needed to not only drive new lines of business, but also in developing the corresponding ecosystems.

The result? A new SES that is far more agile and dexterous in meeting the changing demands of the markets, its customers, and their communities.