SES reaches 291 million TV homes worldwide

SES reaches 291 million TV homes worldwide


SES has increased its reach in 2013 worldwide to 291 million TV homes. This represents an increase of 5 percent compared to the previous year. Europe remains SES’s biggest market with a reach of 151 million homes, India is the most dynamic market with an 18% growth.

The direct reach from the SES fleet to satellite homes grew from 99 million in 2012 to 106 million satellite TV homes in 2013. These figures confirm satellite’s continuous increase in reach and its leading role as a broadcasting infrastructure in general and as digital and High Definition (HD) broadcasting infrastructure in particular.

The indirect reach through the feed of cable networks from SES satellites grew slightly, from 152 to 153 million homes; the number of IPTV homes fed from SES satellites increased by 27 percent to 31 million.

Overall reach and key figures

  • 291million TV homes worldwide
  • 75 million in North America/151 million in Europe/ 23 million in Latin America/31 million Africa, India Middle east/ 12 million Asia Pacific
  • 106 million satellite homes
  • 6 million North America/ 65 million Europe/ 50K Latin America/ 31 million Africa, India, Middle East/ 5 million Asia Pacific
  • Over 153 million cable homes
  • More than 31 million IPTV homes
  • SES delivered over 6.200 TV channels worldwide
  • SES transmitted close to 1.800 HD channels worldwide