The SES Google Earth satellite tool, check out what’s new!

The SES Google Earth satellite tool, check out what’s new!

SES’s online Google Earth satellite tool shows you all of our satellites in orbit so you can compare coverage maps across the globe – all in 3D. Accessible from the SES website, the tool has just been updated with a suite of features that bring the SES network to life.

One key feature allows you to view connections between our satellites and teleports with a single click. Select a teleport to see which satellites you can access from that location, or select a satellite to see which teleport locations can access that satellite. You can also view how our teleports are connected on the ground via our extensive fiber network, as well as key technical information about SES-owned teleports.

These advanced features transform Google Earth into a great tool to view our extensive coverage. The tool demonstrates our SES Global Access Services, so you can see how our robust ground network combines the ease of transporting contents from any city on the planet with a full suite of value-added services in a package that’s secure, reliable and tailored precisely to the customer’s needs.

Available in the App Store, the SES iPad app has been upgraded with the same new features. Download the app for free to ensure you always have the entire SES fleet at your fingertips.

Key features:

  • SES satellite fleet in 3D
  • Key technical data for individual satellites
  • Coverage maps for all SES satellites
  • EIRP and dish size contours in a clear graphic format
  • Coverage details at your chosen locations
  • SES office locations
  • Place markers to see coverage at a specific orbital position
  • Global Teleport Network locations
  • Teleport descriptions
  • Satellite access

Try the new Google Earth Satellite tool here