SES in Asia Pacific

SES in Asia Pacific

SES in Asia Pacific is on the fast track, with many new opportunities ahead.

With nearly 900 channels reaching over 30 million pay TV homes, SES is the leading satellite operator in the region.

With 3 decades of expertise, SES has been at the forefront of new TV technologies, ensuring growth for leading DTH operators and helping them deliver a rich variety of digital content.

Long-term growth of SES customers in the region will be further supported by two new satellites dedicated to Asia Pacific.

SES-8, located at 95 degrees East, will serve DTH, government applications and VSAT development. SES-9, another new satellite, which is to be launched in 2015 will mainly support mobility services and DTH broadcasting.

By this time, SES will operate a fleet of 7 satellites in the region.

Watch the video to learn more about SES presence in Asia Pacific.