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More capacity for Latin America with SES-10

More capacity for Latin America with SES-10

To expand reach and capabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean SES ordered its new satellite earlier this year, SES-10, to be built by Airbus Defence and Space (formerly known as Astrium). The satellite will significantly grow SES’s capacity to serve the thriving markets of Latin America through high power beams tailored to provide direct-to-home broadcasting, enterprise and broadband connectivity services in the entire region. 

Some quick facts about the spacecraft

With 50 high-power Ku-band transponders, the satellite will provide replacement capacity for the current satellites, AMC-3 and AMC-4, as well as incremental capacity at the 67 degrees West slot. SES-10 is slated for launch on board a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle and is designed to operate for 15 years in geosynchronous orbit, utilizing an electric plasma propulsion system for on-orbit manoeuvres and a chemical system for initial orbit raising and some on-orbit manoeuvres. SES-10 will have an electrical power of 13kW and its launch mass on Falcon 9 is expected to be about 5,300 kilograms. The satellite will also fly Flexible Command Receivers, whose frequency agility provides for more robust satellite command link operations.